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The BWT Single Point Watering System features innovative valve designs, including the new Sense Smart Valve™ available exclusively for U.S. Battery. All BWT valves are manufactured with the highest quality materials that keep all working parts above the battery cell. The spark arrestor makes this the safest watering system available. The BWT system fits on every FLA battery we manufacture and on every configuration. Water flows through a single connection reducing labor cost by accurately filling each battery set in less than 30 seconds!

The innovative clip-in valve makes installation of pre-strung systems fast and easy. BWT also offers several water delivery options, the Gravity Fill System is ideal for a small number of batteries when a water source is not readily available. The 2.5 gallon gravity fill tank should be placed at least three feet above the battery tops to ensure sufficient water flow. The Direct Fill Link features a built-in flow indicator and pressure regulator. The pressure sensitive handle reduces pressure down to 10 psi and will handle incoming pressure up to 100 psi. Allowing it to be connected directly to a water source.

Pro-Fill On-Board Battery Watering System by Flow-Rite

The Pro-Fill On-Board Battery Watering System by Flow-Rite
is specifically designed for use with “golf car” style batteries commonly found in golf cars, sweepers, scrubbers, RVs, pallet jacks, and small solar systems. Based on the same technology as Flow-Rite’s Millennium Plus+ valves, the Pro-Fill system is compatible with all Millennium water supplies.

The Pro-Fill on-board battery watering system works by replacing the battery’s existing vent caps with valves that are interconnected by manifolds and tubing, allowing the user to fill all cells of the battery from a single remote location. Each valve independently shuts off water flow to it’s cell when the proper electrolyte level is reached. This allows the operator to fill the batteries perfectly every time without having to monitor each individual cell.

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